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2019 IU Health Indy Criterium Bicycle Festival

"Get in gear with this list for #IndyPLTeens"
IndyPL_MollieB made a comment Jun 16 2019
"Heaney's story is unique because she discusses her obsession with boys as a youth and new adult, only to discover that she's also attracted to women later in life. Making a shift on dating websites, from looking for men to looking for women, was a..." Permalink
IndyPL_MollieB created a list Jun 06 2019
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Not Defined by Disabilities

"You might know someone with a disability in some form, physical or mental. One in twenty people have a disability. And, 2019 marks the 10 year anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act Amendments Act, which changed the definition of "..."
IndyPL_MollieB created a list Jun 03 2019
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Homecoming Hair

"Make a statement with your hair at homecoming with advice from these titles."
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