The Rooster Bar
The Rooster Bar By Grisham, John Book - 2017 | First edition

As a legal writer, John Grisham focuses on the aspects of life for people who are involved in the judicial system. In this novel, readers are given an idea of the hardship of law school, as three friends (Mark, Todd, Zola) face difficulties studying and attending class, especially since their close friend committed suicide. This event pushes the three ordinary students to drop out in the final year. They face a large sum of debt from their loans, and have no one to turn to. Mark, Todd, and Zola become fake lawyers and hustle quick money in the corners of the courts without actual licenses. The pace of the story varies from a contemporary style to a chase in hopes of hunting down a wealthy hedge-fund operator behind the Great Law School Scam. Grisham does a smooth job in going back and forth between characters, and being able to express emotional tension as well as feelings. Rating: 4 of 5
- @Mercurial_Series of the Teen Review Board of the Hamilton Public Library

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