Holy heck this is brilliant.

I wasn't expecting to read this as quickly as I did, but the story pulled me in and didn't let go until it spat me out the other side, at which point I immediately put the next two on hold.

The story itself is almost deceptive in its pacing (at least for me) because at no time did I actively feel rushed or like there was a next sequence to get to quickly so I could find out what happens next. And yet, when I read the last word, it hit like a ton of bricks.

As well as having an intriguing story line, Palmer is also playing with ideas. The amount of philosophy and theology that gets discussed is one of the things I love about it, and it flows beautifully in the overall storytelling in way I haven't seen often and thoroughly enjoy.

Too Like the Lightning is a wonderful combination of thought provoking Science Fiction, intrigue, and philosophy, and I highly recommend it!

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