Obviously, torture has been historically effective - - at extracting FALSE CONFESSIONS, exactly what it was used for, which we now know thanks to the reporting of Ms. Mayer at the New Yorker, the great folk at The Intercept, and the US Senate's summary on the still-yet-to-be-released report on CIA torture [reported cost to taxpayers was $41 million, and another of the endless examples of why President Obama's // Open Government Initiative \\ is a complete sham].
The CIA's Alfreda Bikowsky Silverstein, falsely portrayed in the movie, Zero Dork Thirty, did knowingly and illegally order the torture of innocents to extract false confessions - - could it possibly have anything to do with the fact that the owner of the mortgage to the Twin Towers was Larry Silverstein?????????
[FYI: WGBH Educational Foundation is majority financed by the Koch brothers.]

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