So I am going to throw in the towel on this one. I am about a quarter of the way through and still have zero interest or investment in any of the characters.

Kira just does nothing for me. Nor do any of her friends/boyfriend, etc. The only character that showed a spark of life for me was Jayden and it doesn't seem as if he is going to be a major part of this book at this point. And, honestly, it wouldn't matter if he was because while he had a spark of life it wouldn't be enough to carry the book.

What I've got so far is some indistinct threat from the Partials, which are mentioned constantly but never really explored or explained. An indistinct threat from the Voice, also mentioned ad nauseum but not clearly and a shadowy government with some screwed up ideas. In the midst of this is Kira, who (of course) scored the highest medic marks and is going to save the world.

Just explain one thing to me: did all the actual scientists die in the RM release or are the government/researchers being purposely obtuse? In what universe do you begin searching for a cure to a virus by intentionally having thousands of babies so you can watch them die? The progression of a disease is one of the first things to be established. How, 11 years later, are they still at this stage. I quit reading when Kira had the genius idea to look at the survivors blood to see what makes them know, the thing any rational human being would have done first....before forcing countless teenagers into doomed pregnancies and countless babies to die horribly just days after birth. Seems to me, a non-scientist, that the question of why the survivors are immune would have been at the top of my list. And not thought up By a 17 year old girl 11 years after this apocalypse takes place. The fact that the whole book is based around this idea of scientists not thinking to do that, just so Kira could, is infuriating.

I went into this really looking forward to an exploration of humanity set against the Partials. The blurb mentions that the Partials are genetically engineered organic beings. Unlike most stories in this vein, they aren't cyborgs or androids or in any way a machine. They are organic, just like humans. That is what I was here for. Not girl-prodigy-genius thinking of doing LITERALLY the first thing the CDC would have done if this were real.

The suspension of disbelief was too much to invest any more time in a world where no one, throughout all the death and suffering and violation of rights, had thought of that before. Honestly, if they are running their new society that poorly they probably deserve to go extinct.

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