Educated A Memoir By Westover, Tara Large Print - 2018 | Large print edition

This is one of the most thought provoking memoirs I've ready. She describes a childhood in a survivalist LDS family living off the grid on a mountain with no formal education and the brutal abuse she endured at the hands of one of her brothers with parents who were either oblivious or ignored the danger. That her entire family that she is writing about is still alive speaks to the courage of the honesty her memoir. This makes Vance's "Hillbilly Elegy" look like a walk in the park. The childhood was not all bad, she had incredible freedom to roam a beautiful mountain, she learned from her mother who was an incredible herbalist, she learned skill in the construction arts from her father, she was close to her siblings and still believes that however misguided, her parents tried to do their best within their radical beliefs. Incredibly, 4 of the seven sibling have PhDs and her wacky parents have made a million dollar business in herbs and essential oils based on their belief that western medicine is evil. This would be a great book club pick. Does adversity in childhood aid one in achieving success or is this a story of a family of naturally gifted children.

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