Likely one of the best novels I'll read this year (confidently posted in mid-May!)

Stephen King knows good writing and good stories so, when he tells us "Good God, what a tale, don't miss it," I grabbed this 2015 book by a young-ish American author I'd never heard of.

Very glad I did. The author, Benjamin Percy admits, "...though apocalyptic and post-apocalyptic have always been with us, there's been a tide of them lately..." And yet he wrote one. But not merely "another." Far from it. Percy had some things he wanted to say that--likely-he'd never seen others writing in the genre say.

He says it through the action, the plot, his characters (so this is a story that satisfies on that level) but it's his story-telling abilities (what to reveal, what not to reveal, how to reveal it?) that really puts this book aside from most of the others.

Happy ending? You decide. One thing for sure: there are none of the usual "heroes" or "heroines" here.

You haven't seen this on the screen yet--although, In watching the latest season on Colony (Netflix), I see others have likely read the book--but there's been no film treatment of this novel yet. And maybe there won't be. See my remark on "the usual heroes." In spite of suspense and action, this won't play well with the masses.

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