The Dragon Reborn

The Dragon Reborn

Book - 1992
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The Wheel of Time turns, and Ages come and pass. What was, what will be, and what is, may yet fall under the Shadow. Rand Al'Thor is the Dragon Reborn-- able to touch the One Power, but unable to control it. Rand knows only that he must face the Dark One in a battle to the death. Ahead of him lies the next great test for... The Dragon Reborn.
Publisher: New York : Tor, 1992
Copyright Date: ©1991
ISBN: 9780812513714
Branch Call Number: JORDAN
Characteristics: 701 pages


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Mar 13, 2019

Jordan's books take me awhile to read because they are so dense with world-building and character arcs. The Dragon Reborn is no different- although the more I read of The Wheel of Time, the more I enjoy it. The title is a little inappropriate, since Rand only appears in the very beginning of the novel and the very end (maybe 5% or so of the story). I was excited to dive into Rand's head in this one and see what he was thinking, what he believed, and why he was making this journey to the Stone of Tear. Instead, we get mostly Egwene/Nynaeve/Elayne and Mat. A majority of the book is focused on the three girl's plights in the tower following their actions in the last book, The Great Hunt. We get to see more of the White Tower, Tar Valon, and the process of becoming an Accepted Aes Sedai. Mat's story is finally interesting, in that we get to see him as a character evolve beyond the guy with the dagger from Shadar Logoth, and into deeply flawed, yet deeply skilled person suddenly blessed with luck.
There are some parts in here that probably could have been cut (all of the ship travel scenes, for instance) and I would have preferred the last two chapters to be in more detail. All in all, The Dragon Reborn is a solid addition to the Wheel of Time series, and I'm excited to start the next!

Apr 18, 2018

The title of this book is The Dragon Reborn, so you'd think that this actually have a lot to do with Rand. Though it is about him, he's not really in it and it also rarely goes from his point of view. This book mostly focuses on the stories of Perrin, Egwene, and Mat.
Perrin and friends are at the camp they created at the end of the second book. After a Trolloc attack, (It seems like it's always a Trolloc attack that gets things going), Rand disappears and the rest of the group go on a desperate search for him, determined not to let anything bad happen. Meanwhile, Egwene, Elayne, and Nynaeve travel to Tar Valon to get Mat healed. Once Mat feels better, he goes on his own adventure. Eventually, all the characters meet up at the end.
Like The Great Hunt, this book starts and ends really strong. The middle section does not feel as long and boring as its predecessor, and that could be because this book is sorter and easier to read. The chapters are also generally shorter compared to the other books. I found a few characters, (like Zarine and Avienda), kind of annoying, but I liked the development everyone else got. This book had no bad words and that was really awesome.
So, I like The Dragon Reborn. I think it's better than The Great Hunt, but not quite as good as The Eye of The World. You could say that it is my second favorite book in the series.

Feb 14, 2017

My favorite Wheel of Time installment so far.

This book had basically four key points of view. Mat, the three Aes Sedai girls, Perrin and company (Moriane, Lan, Zarine), and Rand. Rand's part was very non-existent. Which wasn't necessarily a terrible thing. It's a 14 book series and seeing some other characters shine is very nice. I actually really like the blend of characters and the times chosen to follow them. Zarine was a great new addition to the series, and it's the most romance I've seen in the series yet; which I think is essential for adding dimensions to story. Some of the banter between Perrin and Zarine, and also Lan and Moriane was cool. Mat's part was great, I really enjoyed his character and I'm liking where he's going. He's really shaping up to be awesome. Yet, I think Rand could have had a bit more time. It's like he was the focus of the prophecy and turn of events, but you rarely saw him. I think a scene or two more of him struggling in the woods would have added to what his character had to overcome.

There were some cool new ter'angreal (magical items), and magics used, but I was hoping to see some more bizarre creatures or more of the Death Hounds. Seemed they were too short lived. The wolf thing is really cool and I'm eagerly waiting to see more Liken stuffs.

I didn't like the map they used in this one (it is different than the others), but the few drawings around it were neat.

Well, I'm off to The Shadow Rising =]

Dec 14, 2016

Almost 60 years ago a teacher in a small one room school in Northern Ontario read The Hobbit to us a little each day while we waited for the school bus to take us home. It opened a world of wonder. Now, once again I am exploring a wondrous world in the Wheel of Time series. This third book is the best so far, and I look forward to enjoying the rest of the series.

Nov 01, 2015

is this a good book or does it suck


Nov 19, 2012

3rd book in the wheel of time series. Very good book and gets going a lot faster then the last one. It's also a bit shorter which makes it an easier read. Really liked how all the storylines came together at the end while still setting up the overall plotting of future books. Would continue to recommend this series but I always have to take a break from the world after each book before jumping back in. Classic fantasy.

Oct 24, 2012

The final book in the series is coming out January 2013. I'm madly trying to reread the entire series before then. This one is the next on my list. What a great series! And the new paperback artist is fabulous!

unbalancedbutfair Apr 30, 2012

The first three books form a wonderful arc. Without a doubt there is much more ahead (11 books!) but here is the end of the first movement of the symphony. And it in no way disappoints. Characters are not only revealed, but they are in the process of changing. Events progress, characters change-some for the better and some...who can say? As the audience we continue to appreciate why some characters are the way they are, and we see how events and choices are shaping some characters that we already know. Characters make mistakes, but never is it anything less than understandable and through it all the story progresses. Even the audience does not yet see everything, though we see more than any one character, and the balance that Jordan attains between our knowledge and the characters' is wonderful. Really, really good.

Mar 01, 2012

This book is fantastic. I recommend to keep reading this series to the end! It just gets better and better!

Oct 26, 2011

How many ways are there to say epic?

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Chinderixx thinks this title is suitable for 15 years and over

Jul 12, 2017

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Mar 18, 2016

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Apr 18, 2018

NYNAEVE: "Matrim Cauthon, what under that light are you doing here?"

MAT: "I came to bloody rescue you. Burn me if I expected to be greeted as if I had come to steal a pie."

Apr 17, 2018

"One pretty woman means fun at the dance. Two pretty women mean trouble in the house. Three pretty women mean run for the hills." -Mat Cauthon

Apr 17, 2018

"I will fight the best I can. Because there's no one else, and it has to be done, and the duty is mine. I'll fight, but I do not like what I've become." -Rand al'Thor

Apr 17, 2018

"Just because fate has chosen something for instead of you choosing it for yourself doesn't mean it has to be bad." -Min


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Apr 17, 2018

Rand al'Thor, having been declared the Dragon Reborn by Moiraine Damodred, secretly goes to Tear to prove himself. Along the way he is hunted by Darkhounds and Darkfriends. After leaving in secret, Moraine, Lan, and Perrin follow always one step behind. Rand leaves in his trail a pattern of weddings and strange events. Perrin comes across an Aiel warrior that was captured and in a cage. He frees him, earning a friendship with Gaul, a Stone Dog, who will accompany Perrin on his travels. This event is witnessed by a hunter of the horn, Zarine "Faile" Bashere, who joins the party as well.
Min reports to the Amyrlin Seat, while Moiraine, Lan Mandragoran, Loial, and Perrin Aybara follow Rand. En route they acquire Zarine Bashere (alias Faile), battle Darkhounds, and discover that the Forsaken Sammael rules in Illian.
Mat Cauthon is taken to Tar Valon by Verin Mathwin, Nynaeve al'Meara, Egwene al'Vere, Elayne Trakand, and Hurin. Immediately after arrival in Tar Valon, Hurin departs to report to King Easar in Shienar. The Amyrlin Seat, Siuan Sanche, sets Nynaeve, Egwene, and later Elayne, to hunting down the Black Ajah, and therefore to Tear.
In the White Tower, through the use of a sa'angreal by Aes Sedai, Mat is healed of the corruptive influence of the ruby dagger of Shadar Logoth. Once healed Mat defeats Galad Damodred and Gawyn Trakand in a practice sword battle, using a quarterstaff. This wins him enough money to gamble with and escape from Tar Valon; at which Elayne entrusts Mat with a letter to her mother Queen Morgase. Mat finds Thom Merrilin, and they together travel to Andor, where Mat delivers the letter and learns of a plot by Lord Gaebril, to murder Elayne. To prevent that murder, Mat pursues the killers to Tear.
In Tear, Nynaeve, Egwene, and Elayne are betrayed by Juilin Sandar (under the influence of Liandrin) to the Black Ajah and imprisoned in the Stone of Tear, whence they are rescued by Mat and a repentant Juilin. Faile falls into a trap meant for Moiraine, and Perrin risks his life to rescue her. Rand and the Forsaken Be'lal duel in the Stone of Tear, until Moiraine kills Be'lal with balefire. Ba'alzamon disables Moiraine and attacks Rand, whereupon Rand takes Callandor (a more powerful sa'angreal), and apparently kills Ba'alzamon; but Moiraine argues that the Dark One, having no tangible body, is not represented by the dead man. Egwene, remembering a prophecy, instead deduces that the corpse is possibly Ishamael, Chief among the Forsaken. The Aiel in Tear conquer the Stone in loyalty to Rand.


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