A Year of Marvellous Ways

A Year of Marvellous Ways

Book - 2015
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Apr 20, 2018

It took a second reading to discover the marvels of this book and its young author.
Only then it revealed its intriguing, well drawn characters, odd timing and delicious turns of phrase. A writer to watch and a story to savour.

Jul 20, 2017

LOVED this book! Lyrical writing style was a pleasure to read, with lots of beautiful sentences, and different voices in each section. The whimsical, folkish, magical-realism thing sat well with me, suggesting a dream/fairy tale rather than the usual cold facts of real life. Only fault was reference to plastic items; I thought it wasnt invented /in common use until after the war?
'When God was a rabbit', was a good happy find at one of those community swap and share 'book boxes' on a roadside, and drew me to look for more, but 'Marvellous' was a gem. Will definitely read again.

Jun 24, 2016

I enjoyed the writing style & I loved all the characters in this book. I don't think I understood it really. It was whimsical & sad. There was a folklorish feel to it & some brutal truths too. I guess I was happy to be with the wonderful people & their interactions with one another & the healing they did together. That was enough for me to be able to say it was great without understanding it.

robertafsmith Mar 22, 2016

I loved the look of this book, I loved the idea behind it - that of an old lady who (unlike so many of the oldies we meet in fiction nowadays - forever climbing out of windows and walking across entire countries), this old lady Marvellous stayed in one place her whole life. The place is in England, the village tiny, the setting coastal and Marvellous is gifted with folklorish wisdom. Why then did the author feel the need to introduce magical realism in the form of mermaids into her story. Methinks she tried too hard. You'll have to read it yourself to see what I mean.

Jan 03, 2016

This is a sweet, gentle book that explores the themes of love, loss, longing and regret while constantly affirming the magic and beauty of life. The writing is powerful and evocative and ensures we are fully immersed in the salty, marshy world of 90-year-old Marvellous Ways and that of the broken, troubled soldier who stumbles into her life. Although often sad, the story is, ultimately, uplifting.

ontherideau Oct 13, 2015

Me too- made it as far as Chapter 2.

Sep 22, 2015

Very disappointing. Couldn't get past chapter 2.

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