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Sep 26, 2020

Very good book but dark and violent, don't let young kids read this book

Nov 23, 2019

Awesome book, one of my favorites, but if you think about it the book is vaguely similar to the Simpson’s movie. Just a thought.

Jul 29, 2019

I loved this book. It was thrilling and captavating. It's one of those books that is hard to put down. I would stay up late reading. After the third book though I felt like I was getting bored. I really recommend the first book.

Jul 14, 2019

I just finished all the books and THEY ARE AMAZING

Dec 02, 2018

This book is AMAZING! I can hardly put it down! Last night I stayed up until 11 reading.

Jul 16, 2018

Gone is an epic YA genre mashup that will definitely make you not want to put the book down until you finish it. To some, 558 pages sounds like a lot, but once you dive into the storyline, it goes by so fast. It's intense from start to finish. If you prefer novels with multiple POVs, your wish is granted. After all, almost every character has their say as to what's going on in the FAYZ. You will read about characters you'll love (Astrid and Jack are two of my favorites) and love to hate (Drake and Caine are the best examples of this, in my opinion). Gone really makes you wonder what would happen if you were stuck in a place like the FAYZ, and how kids would be able to survive. It also makes you think about how far you would go to obtain power, considering what it can turn you into. However, if you're not used to reading books with a LOT of characters to keep up with, then maybe you should wait a little before reading it, even though I, myself, was fine. Overall, Gone is a book you definitely won't forget about, and will make you want to continue reading the rest of the series.

Mar 13, 2018

Gone, Michael Grant’s first of 6 books in the gone series, is an interesting and well written book. It’s a sci-fi sort of horror thriller that’s packed full of action and emotion. For the most part the story is following a 14 year old boy called Sam and his old and new friends as they work to figure out what caused a wall to appear around the town. Along the way, new relationships start up as others end. People learn more about themselves and each other more than they ever thought they would. When the town gets taken over by a group of outsiders the children of Perdidio beach have to decide who and what they are fighting for.

My favourite character in the book is a 14 year old girl named Astrid. She’s an extremely intelligent, kind and caring, good looking girl. When the FAYZ hits she is burdened with the task of caring for her younger brother, Little Pete, who has severe autism. Throughout the book she grows as a person and becomes more and more important to the story line.

A not so favourable character in the book for me was Quinn, Sam’s best (and possibly only) friend. The storyline is dramatically different because he wimps out all the time. People were endangered because of him and possibly died because he wasn’t able to be brave.

A highlight in the story would have to be when Sam finally is able to take control of his powers and use them when he needs to. They’re able to defend themselves against a number of people and animals and get out of tricky situations.

I’d definitely recommend this book to anyone who enjoys science fiction and a little bit of romance and gruesomeness. It’s a great book to read in the holidays as all the action sucks you in and you won’t want to put it down. I can’t wait to read the next 5 books in the series, 5 out of 5 stars from me.

Feb 01, 2018

great series but in the plague and onwards some things more for young adults rather than kids.

red_bee_584 Jan 30, 2018

It's a great book with a lot of twists and turns that weren't expected. I highly recommend reading it.

Oct 11, 2017

First read this series when I was younger and loved it, reread it again now and loved it again! I feel as though I got a lot more out of it now, although it was still amazing at a younger age. One thing people should know before reading the series, or recommending it to children, is that later on in the series it involves some very confronting topics such as cannibalism, teen pregnancy, and a lot of incredibly violent acts. But overall, it's and absolutely brilliant series!

Oct 02, 2017

best book

This is by far my favorite book!!! I first read it a few years ago and have reread it multiple times since. Michael Grant, thank you SO MUCH for writing this book, but WHY DO YOU HAVE TO KILL NEARLY ALL MY FAVORITE CHARACTERS?!?!!?!?!?!?!?

Jul 31, 2017

I loved how Michael Grant created a thrilling and suspenseful ambiance in his book. If you liked the "Maze Runners" series, I'm sure that this book is for you! :)

Jul 05, 2017

Really nicely thought through structure. Very creative, yet wonderfully realistic. Full of twists and hair pin turns. AMAZING!!!!!

Jun 22, 2017

one of the most wonderful and addicting book you'll ever read, filled with exciting action that'll make you stay up all night.

May 03, 2017

This book had an interesting plot idea that was derived from many different novels and movies but put its own spin on their concepts creating a pretty entertaining an action packed book. this book entertains the idea of what would happen if the world was run by kids no older than 15 and whether they would mature and run a society or whether things would fall into anarchy. I think this concept was done realistically. What Gone excels at is establishing its environment and characters right from the start while not revealing everything, just the important details needed to understand the story. This book had good writing, pretty good characters, and an engaging storyline that jumped perspectives a bit too much. It had good pacing and switched perspectives at the right times to constantly to keep you engaged. I believe Michael Grant has set up good grounds for a sequel as he has completely established the reader into the environment. All considered it was a good book, I would rate it a 3.5/5. This book is definitely for an older audience, such as teens, as it handles a lot of violence and bad situations. If you have read the rule of three series you will probably like this book.
@HagridsBucket of The Hamilton Public Library's Teen Review Board

My friend had to read this recently for her culminating assignment. Personally, I read this book a long time ago, but I guess you could say it's interesting enough. Imagine you are living life as any regular person. One day, you wake up to find that all the power is gone and everyone above the age of 18 has disappeared. Would you be gone as well? Here, in this six book series, characters try to establish solid ground in the torn confusing one they are thrust into. Also, what is with the strange powers they are developing?
- @Siri of the Teen Review Board of the Hamilton Public Library

Aug 17, 2016


Where to start with this book?

It's witty, funny, suspenseful, dramatic, and keeps you turning the pages for fear that you might miss a single beautiful detail.

The whole idea the series centers around is brilliant. When the premise of a book is incredible, you know it's gonna be good.

Gone is a page flipping, suspense building, mysterious, clever work of art with likable and believable characters who are so well written it's incredible. It's mysterious and amazing. I reccomend this book to ANYONE.

Jul 26, 2016

It's a very good series if you like post apocalyptic books and si-if I would recommend this for Gr.6 onwards.

Jul 17, 2016

Gone, is the first book out of six in this series, and is definitely one of the best books I have ever read. It was a real page-turner. Every couple of pages there is something that brings up a ton of questions and keeps you in great suspense. There is a lot of feeling all throughout this book, and whether it's sadness or being overjoyed, Michael Grant has mastered the technique of keeping his readers engaged with every flip of the page. This book kind of reminds me of the Divergent and Maze runner series; both starring kids (usually without parents) who learn and fight together, using teamwork and strategy to survive. All the characters had different personalities, and each personality fit beautifully with the plot of the book and collided in the best way with other characters. I highly recommend this book, especially for people who like fantasy/dystopia. Overall, this book is AMAZING and I am so glad that I decided to read it!

Jul 02, 2016

Finished this read in three evenings.
Couldn't put it down! Grant has a true talent for building suspense. I highly recommend this if you're interested in fantasy / dystopia. Looking forward to reading the next book in the series, HUNGER.

Jun 27, 2016

I read this first book and I fell in love. I love suspense and mystery, and this book satisfied my thirst. But, if you don't like either of those, I wouldn't recommend this book. As I was saying, the book was nice and long, and even though boring at some parts, it was diffidently worth the read. I am about to start the 3rd book and I am looking really forward. Hope this Helps!

May 26, 2016

I honestly wasn't that impressed by this book. I normally aren't critical of books, but just the story line and the unnecessary killing and violence wasn't very nice. But I'm the type of person who when they start a book, they have to finish it and the whole series. So, I read the whole series. The series was really drawn out and kept on going on about nothing significant. I wouldn't recommend this to read as this isn't one of the better books out there :-)

Mar 26, 2016

‘Gone’ is a book that takes place in present-day society, in California. It follows characters in a small town named Perdido Beach. However, in the beginning of the book, an event caused by an unknown force causes all people over the age of 14 to disappear. To make matters worse, in the following anarchy of this event, it’s discovered that some of the people left in what becomes known as the ‘FAYZ’ (Fallout Ally Youth Zone), have supernatural powers. The book takes an idea that I’m sure most children have thought at some point, ‘I wish my parents weren’t around’. It also successfully adds in the supernatural aspect of the kids having special powers. This mix of mainly drama with a little bit of action and a splash of romance(ew, gross) make for an interesting, yet intriguing book series. The characters themselves seem interesting, but overall uninteresting until the later part of the book and series. For people like me, who prefer fast paced and action-packed books, this book was too slow and boring for most of it, until it reaches some scenes that are really interesting, then back to drama, which, admittedly, isn’t a bad thing, just not really my preference. Overall, the book has a concept that most people have thought at some point in their life, which makes it somewhat personalized, but turns it into a more drama romancey type book that it would originally seem. I would recommend this book to anybody who enjoys drama or romance. 3/5. @Xeno of the Teen Review Board at the Hamilton Public Library

When everyone upwards the age of 14 in Perdido Beach, CA vanishes, all of the children within the 20 mile radius are left scared, hungry, and fighting for their lives. None of the gadgets are working, and everyone has to start figuring out how to run the town. Some of them change and develop mutant powers while others are just trying to survive, and a conflict begins to form between the two schools in the area. Gone is a book with a brilliant plot and beyond excellent character development, with plenty of suspense to inject into the reader. While Gone is fast-paced and action packed, the book is formed on top of a very thin base of moral principle that characters will either violate or not, causing it to take on a very dark theme as well. In addition to this, the main characters, while well developed, seem unrealistically mature for their age (which can deceive readers), with sexual, violent, leadership, and other social elements coming into play. Overall, Gone won’t disappoint young adult readers looking for a new, exciting standout book to read in the field of dystopian fiction and certainly shows Michael Grant’s uncanny ability for writing. @interneuron of the Teen Review Board of the Hamilton Public Library

Gone, the first book of the six books series, is a book that will take you on a roller coaster of feelings. You’ll feel sadness at one moment, and the next you are laughing at the cheesy humour. The book catches you from the first line, and all of a sudden there’s a hundred unanswered questions that you have, and the only way to get the answers is to read the book. The book is thrilling and addictive, and you can’t put it down because every few pages there is something else suddenly happening to keep your eyes glued to the page. There are many characters in this book, but it is told from the perspective of Sam (the main character) and Lana, a character introduced a little bit into the book. Some might say that this book is a little similar to the Maze Runner, because a bunch of teenage are thrown together without answers and are expected to survive. I do find, however, that it is a little difficult to relate to the characters after you get into the book because they start to get a little dark and twisted from their circumstances. All in all, I would say that this book is enjoyable to read, and I would recommend it to other people. @Alicat15 of the Teen Review Board of the Hamilton Public Library

Dec 26, 2015

This book is just amazing. :D The story is intriguing, and the plot clearly conveys the skills of the author. The characters, some infuriating, some inspiring, are well written and realistic.
The structure itself is reflective of an experiment in human nature, asking the question 'If there was suddenly no accountability, what would happen?' And we get to see this question progress into a dialog within the story. As soon as the next answer is found, a new question arises.
This technical analysis is unimportant, however, to my next and final observation about this book (which is, by far, the most important).


FAYZIAN01 Aug 11, 2015

Hands down the best book series ever written. Characters were so intriguing and had many different sides. I could not put it down, even after completing it for the third time! DEFINITELY RECOMMEND!!!!!!!!!!

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